MAM Teat for 2+ Month Newborn

MAM Teat for 2+ Month Newborn


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MAM Teat for 2+ Month Newborn


  • Pack of two wide neck silicone teats
  • Medium flow Silky, soft-textured surface
  • Encourages natural suckling action
  • Fit all MAM bottles Silky soft silicone from the MAM Design Studio
  • The MAM silk teat has all the advantages of standard silicone – the clear material looks hygienic, it’s odourless and tasteless, and it doesn’t age.
  • It is extra-soft thanks to technology designed by the
  • MAM Design Studio for MAM baby feeding bottles.
  • Babies love the smart silk teat because it feels so soft and familiar,
  • just like a mother’s skin. This makes the switch between bottle and breast especially easy, so babies are able to relax from day one. That’s why all MAM silicone soothers, bottles, and nipple shields (for short-term breastfeeding help) are equipped with the silk teat. According to market research, 94% of babies accept MAM teats. MAM teats are available in four flow rates MAM teats are available in size 1 (slow flow) for birth onwards, size 2 (medium flow) for 2 months onwards, size 3 (fast flow) for 4 months onwards, and size X (cross cut) for 6 months onwards. MAM teats are interchangeable with all bottles in the MAM range. Ages listed are only suggestions, as all babies grow at different rates; if you notice that your baby is trying to suck harder to get their milk more quickly, or shows signs of tiredness or frustration while feeding, it is probably time to move on to a faster flow rate. Box Contains 2 x Medium flow silk silicone teats

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