Montaly Newborn Hat Mitten Bootie Set

Montaly Newborn Hat Mitten Bootie Set


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Montaly Newborn Hat Mitten Bootie Set

Parents need to know that if a newborn baby’s body temperature is lower than 36.3 degrees, it is considered very low — the baby is freezing!

The younger the baby is, the less areas of the body must be undressed. Therefore, newborn, even indoors should wear a thin cap, and when going out, change the home cap to the appropriate warmer cap — flannel, wool or fur, depending on the weather. The mother should ensure that the newborn’s feet and hands are warm. Even while indoors, the baby should wear mittens and socks — cotton or wool. Worn on bare foot chunky knit wool socks can help your child struggle against neurological disorders, as they are a powerful tool for permanent soft stimulation of important foot reflexogenic zones, and a good option of relaxing the increased muscle tone.

Clothes should not be too loose, either. First, it will not protect the newborn from hypothermia, as it exposes too big areas of baby’s skin. Secondly, you’ll have a to tuck the clothes, that will eventually hamper the arms and feet movements. So, every mom needs to learn to select clothes so that they are only slightly for growth. Baby clothes size is determined by only two parameters: chest circumference and height. During the first year of life, the child grows, on average, 25 cm taller, while in the first three months — up to 10 cm taller. Therefore, choosing new clothes, we can safely add to those 3−4cm to your baby’s real height in the first and 2 cm in the second half of the first year.

Clothing should be layered. The air gap between clothes effectively help to maintain body temperature. It is better to wear two light than one thick sweater. However, it is important not to overdo, under the layers of clothing the baby should be able to move freely. You also need to consider the thermal conductivity of modern materials: the closer to the newborn’s body, the more hygroscopic and breathable must the fabric be.

  • Set of Baby Cap, Mittens and Booties
  • Standard Quality
  • Easy to wash
  • Soft & absorbent
 Lovely Baby Cap, Mitten Set and Booties

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